L I V I N is a collaborative design development office, based in Austria, working globally. L I V I N was established by Industrial Designer Katharina Unger. We are inventors, innovators, designers, culinary artists and scientists.


L I V I N consults clients in order to create human-centered design experiences. We use a strategic approach in identifying radical and promising design opportunities and tell visually compelling stories that engage users with the product. We work with a great variety of people, ranging from startups that need user friendly product solutions to scientists looking for applications of their research and technologies. Last but not least, we seek to develop our own product ideas.


Our skills match a wide variety of creative tasks, however, our greatest passion is to bring people closer to the origins of their food through design. We prefer to work in a space where nature and design meet, where humans interact with their living environments and where current means and methods of production interweave with natural systems. We believe that design can impact agriculture and, as a result, our food and food cultures. The right tools and technologies, applied and made usable by excellent design, can impact the materiality of our food.